“Olga has demonstrated a dedication to communicate, and willingness to listen that we are confident will be an asset to Esquimalt. She believes in public safety and commits to maintaining response levels to protect you and your insurance rates.”

Esquimalt firefighters, Local 4264

Olga is one of Dogwood’s highest scoring candidates in this election.

For more info check: www.localvote2014.ca/esquimalt

Dogwood Initiative

Olga is a leader with a reputation for getting things done in our community.  She successfully launched the first community garden in Esquimalt and she continues to work with organizations like the Esquimalt Neighbourhood House Society, Esquimalt Environmental Advisory Committee, and Esquimalt Residents Association to promote a healthy community.

Olga has a vision for Esquimalt that is family friendly and economically responsible. She works with businesses and non-profit organizations to engage residents and foster community pride. I have no doubt that Olga will take her experience and dedication to council to make our community prosperous, family friendly, and inclusive.


Randall Garrison, MP for Esquimalt-Juan de Fuca

Olga is happy to receive the support of the Victoria Labour Council.

Victoria Labour Council

“Olga Liberchuk is a community leader and dedicated Esquimalt resident. I’m endorsing Olga to Esquimalt Council because I support her vision to create a welcoming and supportive environment for young families and children. Olga’s leadership will bring a fresh perspective on creating a sustainable, vibrant and healthy community in Esquimalt.”

Olga Minko, Esquimalt Resident since 2006

“I have known Olga Liberchuk for about a year and during that time have seen her pro-active in our Esquimalt community. Her involvement includes being the founding president of Esquimalt Community Gardens Society and a Director with Esquimalt Residents Association.  Olga’s political science education and working experience in our Federal Esquimalt- Juan de Fuca Constituency office give her solid foundation to help make positive change.

Olga is active in our community, cares about our future, has a good understanding of many of the issues and opportunities in Esquimalt. I believe that Olga has the skills, enthusiasm, and vision to involved our businesses and community with local government to help make Esquimalt an even better place to live, work and play.”

Bruce Cuthbert, Esquimalt Resident since 1981

“Olga Liberchuk has many years of experience working in the community and her passion, experience and commitment will be an asset to Esquimalt Council. As a board member on Esquimalt Residents Association, Olga has a good understanding of issues that are important to members of our community. She values arts and culture and will continue to build on past successes to make Esquimalt a vibrant, accessible and inclusive community for all. I have no doubt that Olga will manage Township’s assets responsibly and will invest in the well being of our community.”

Veronica Harrison, Esquimalt Resident

“It is without reservation that I endorse Olga Liberchuk for Esquimalt Council. Olga has fantastic people skills and a unique ability to get to the root of issues. Her down to earth approach would be a big asset to our community.”

James P. MacMillan-Murphy, Esquimalt Veterans Community Leader

“I’ve known Olga Liberchuk since Fall 2009 and wholeheartedly endorse her campaign to join the Esquimalt Council . Why vote for Olga? She’s smart, energetic, has demonstrated her strong commitment to improving Esquimalt, and has fresh, practical ideas about making life in Esquimalt better for everyone.”

Helen Rezanowich, Esquimalt Resident since 1996

“As an active volunteer on several community organizations and founder of the Esquimalt Community Gardens Society, Olga has demonstrated passion and commitment to improving the quality of life in Esquimalt. I believe that Olga has the skills and the vision necessary to make a difference on Esquimalt Council.”

Stan Dzbik, Esquimalt Resident